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In-Depth Review: How Against the Current and The Ready Set ruined the best song of 2014

While the replacement of solo instrumentation for ‘Bass Drops’ and Synthesizers is admittedly horrific, it does say something about the modern-day music industry and the way people listen to music. Where once, technical skill and creativity was something that people praised, now it’s left in the shadow of studio-manufactured sound that’s not created by a band with guitars and drums, but by a well-paid executive using algorithms and documented studies. This sound, created through equations and sung by people who are little more than familiar faces, dominates Pop radio. It’s something I affectionately call ‘Formula Pop’, a style of music that is neither an artistic expression nor necessity

Bleachers, Jack Antonoff, and the explosive ‘Strange Desires’

The first four tracks are delivered with such massive force that could fairly nearly skyrocket Strange Desire to the ranks of a truly great album. One song after another is delivered with perfect accuracy, yet momentum is rapidly lost with tracks like “I’m Ready to Move On”, which is bizarre and unfitting. Still, Antonoff delivers a magnificent album that touches on real-life issues like relationships and depression. This album can’t be recommended enough, as its faults are more than made up for with qualities.

Of Monsters and Men find a new, darker direction with moody and obsessive Beneath the Skin.

Rated 7/10—highly recommended. Beneath the Skin has impressive lyric quality that is matched only by the tense instrumentation. A darker, moodier turn for the band that represents what could be a shift away from the Pop-Folk debut album My Head is an Animal, however Crystals is a step back in the original direction, and stands as more of a Pop sounding then the rest of Beneath the Skin appears to want to do.