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Is Music Dead?

The truth is that modern pop music evolves, and has always evolved, from rising trends. It’s easy to see that today’s modern pop radio is heavily influenced from the Pop Rock and Hip Hop movements of the 90’s. You can’t listen to Top 40 radio without a dozen appearances from rappers and ‘one-liner musicians’ who jump in to announce their name, spout a few pointless lyrics, then fade into the background. It’s one of the most profitable genre’s right now because the majority of those listening to pop radio aren’t looking for virtuosity, over-complex instrumentation, or complicated lyrics written like poetry.

Of Monsters and Men find a new, darker direction with moody and obsessive Beneath the Skin.

Rated 7/10—highly recommended. Beneath the Skin has impressive lyric quality that is matched only by the tense instrumentation. A darker, moodier turn for the band that represents what could be a shift away from the Pop-Folk debut album My Head is an Animal, however Crystals is a step back in the original direction, and stands as more of a Pop sounding then the rest of Beneath the Skin appears to want to do.