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Beautifully Orchestrated Noise Pollution: METZ II Review

METZ II simply feels right from beginning to end. It’s well executed and marks another significant notch on the belt of METZ for a hopefully long career. Certainly, it lives up to the expectations of their debut and brings the same quality and style, however not much has changed in the span of the two albums. There is little creative experimentation happening in METZ II, as there is little to find that we haven’t seen in the previous METZ album. This isn’t a bad thing, as fans of Punk will certainly enjoy another taste of what the band has to offer. “Kicking a Can Of Worms” stands out as a fresh attempt at something new, but sadly comes only at the end of the album. Hopefully, it is an indication of more experimentation in the future; using the same perfected method will certainly become dry after a few albums.