I Know That Voice (2013) Review


As Documentaries go, the subject matter has to really intrigue me to get me hooked.

In I Know That Voice, John DiMaggio Co-Directs and Narrates an enthralling, smart, funny, and educational one.

This Doc has a Who’s who of the voice acting world. From Movies, to TV Shows and Even Video Games.

Let’s Begin With Who is in this thing!  I couldn’t possibly begin to list everyone in this Film, but here’s some highlights and some of  their famous voices:

John DiMaggio: Bender Bending Rodriguez, Marcus Fenix, Jake the Dog


Billy West: Philip J. Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Hubert Farnsworth



Nancy Cartwright: Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz


Kevin Conroy: Batman


There are TONS more, so if I didn’t mention one of your favorites, don’t fret, they are probably in this film.

What really makes this film so wonderful is that they explain everything involved in being a Voice Actor.  Let me tell you it’s a hell of a lot more than being able to do a “Great Daffy Duck” Impression.

The film get’s people’s tips on how they prepare, get into the mindset to do the sessions, and deal with losing their voices when overworked.

When asked who they looked up to in the industry, without fail everyone mentioned one man, the pioneer of voice acting:

Mel Blanc


They told a story of when Mel had to do voices of Bugs Bunny Imitating Daffy Duck and vice versa, and how he BECAME Bugs, then Did an imitation of Daffy AS Bugs bunny instead of approximating it. Truly a talent that will never be matched again.

The Film also talks with several creators about what they look for in voice actors, those interviewed included:

Matt Groening Creator of The Simpsons, and Futurama


and Seth Green Creator of Robot Chicken


The Film also shows how the camaraderie between voice actors is much more than regular actors, and how many can lead normal lives going to Disney-Land with their families without being swarmed like many of their “Actor” friends .

The Last act shows the one Place that these guys are treated like Rock-stars: Cons! They show a behind the scenes look at how places like SDCC is for the talent, and how awesome it is for both the Actors and the Con Fans.


If you are a fan of Animated Television, Films, Anime, or Video Games, I strongly suggest you check out I Know That Voice.  It is an entertaining, and eye-opening documentary that Literally has something for everyone.

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