Son of Batman

Growing up as a younger brother, Luigi was my character, and that carried over to superheroes. Robin became one of my favourite characters in comics and tv as he was a kid with some pretty bad-ass skills.

Please be aware, there may be spoilers.

You are brought into the movie witnessing a group of martial artists practicing their trade, and immediately introduced to the themes of the entire plot. Death and revenge. And Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of The League of Assassins and the dude who trained Bruce Wayne in a multitude of ways, the ‘almost immortal’, is killed (not a spoiler).

The dark knight Ras al Guhl3586565-sob1
 The first thing that came to mind was the animation, it reminded me of the show ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, as they are both heavily influenced by martial arts it came as no surprise to me that it was what got my mind rolling.

As the large group is fighting for their lives, the first big gripe with the flick grabbed my attention. Either they are incredibly lucky or they are Jedi in disguise as they were easily able to defend themselves against bullets with just their blades. As much as this is a fantasy, and you are to believe that they have mad skills, and are able to heal yourself by taking a dip in a green pool, I highly doubt that they can feel the force flowing trough them.

But wait…there does seem to be some sort of resemblance, CLICK.

The story is geared towards an older youth audience, as it brings in a considerable amount of death, gore, love, hate, and female fun. Talia, the daughter of Qui-Gon Jinn…I mean Ra’s al Ghul, is the mother of Damien, the main bratty character of this movie.

talia_son_of_batmanShe does not have any hesitation to show off, both skin and her skills. It is made clear from early in the movie her affiliation with the dark knight, as they shared a bed together at one point. Even if it was against the will of the bat.

The story introduces the original Robin (Dick Grayson) as Nightwing.  The evident quarrel between Dick and Damien is immediate as it is now between adoptive son and biological son, all for Bruce’s vast fatherly love (sarcasm). He does not play a large role, as he was only necessary to introduce the very feminine boy wonder costume to Damien, who of course takes on the role, and brings in his assassin upbringing to the spotlight.


The Difference is modern, and very appreciated. Also katanas, katanas are awesome.


The movie progresses well, as the development of Damien is at a good pace and you are given an honest hope towards defeating the enemy Slade, the was once a protege of Ra’s al Ghul until Damien stepped in the picture. He only wants a little bit of revenge, as it is granted to him in the way of Ra’s not being able to revive himself, he is greeted with the dynamic duo of the newly formed Batman and Robin.

Son-of-BatmanAs this is a Batman movie, I felt that he did not play a large role in the film. He was there as a supporting character to Damien/Robin and more so guides the movie along just like the Lion in Wizard of Oz.

One last annoyance for the film is just my opinion on the actions of Batman. As he is holding Talia in a near death state, he is debating if it is a proper action to place her in the Lazarus Pit to restore he physical wounds and get her back to strength. He does of course, but why does he not do this to himself? Heal his skeleton from all those years with the Joker, and Alfred. Oh well, at least he has a proper blood line successor now.

All-in-all, the movie was good, the story keeps you involved, and it opens an entirely new world for stories to evolve.

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