The Legend of Hercules (2014) – Review

I tend to enjoy watching films that seem to be less the enjoyed by other critics, why? Because I try to find what is good, or at least try to have a good laugh. I had a tough time doing either with this movie.

The film starts with a turf war, casual playground hooliganism. It seems designed to introduce the movie as an action packed 300 clone. And I feel that is just what it was, a clone. With the slow motion bits added in for excitement you are immediately reminded of a masterpiece, but given a kindergarten crayon attempt.

As the movie progresses, you are given a great attempt and CGI, with the incredibly noticeable back drops hinting at a green screen you can not help but feel in an unfortunate time when little was found in a broken piggy bank, and they is what was found.


The script was poorly manipulated, as the attempt at giving you a dialogue that made you feel the characters are from a Greek mythological time is far from achieved.  The constant use of the term ‘hence’ and ‘shall’ made this more then evident.

The story was decent. Describing the son of God, born of a mortal being brought into existence only to save man kind, to be whipped and beaten in public by the king only to rise and show his true self after pleading to his Godly father. Wait…

the-legend-of-hercules-movie-still-3The acting was a little over bearing at times, in attempt to show emotion, you were only greeted with teeth and unfortunate facial expressions. With the thought of Hercules (Kellan Lutz), you think a demi-god near invincible,  I suppose the director Renny Harlin did not take that into account each time the main character was easily beaten with a simple blow, or branded like a cow so easily. Not taking that into account, the fighting ability of the warrior was shown, and I appreciate that.

Be prepared for a random sex scene, when the characters are to stay in secret, as a random sheep skin bed with hut appears almost like magic for the characters to enjoy. It was the only time my room mate watching with me decided to speak up, and it got me laughing literally out loud.

The-Legend-of-Hercules-Image-4So with out hesitation, I am agreeing with most voices I hear about this film. It is worse then when I do not have my lactose pills on a trip to the creamery.

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