Fallout 4 E3 Showcase: In-depth Review

Fry and his caps are soon parted

Ok, so after multiple views I have finally calmed down enough about Fallout 4 in order to write this brief synopsis.

I am speaking about the Fallout 4 E3 Panel. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…OH and spoilers!


Ok, now that you are geeking out about Fallout 4 let’s take a good look at some of the awesome things we have to look forward to this coming November.

Vault Tech Guy as a big sign with pyrotechnics

Photo Courtesy of Otakustudy.com

The Creatures:

I won’t spend too much time on this one as there was sooo much other cool stuff in the video that I want to geek out about.

The ones we see in the game play video are Super-mutants, Ghouls, Mole-rats, rad-scorpions, Death-Claws, Yao Guai, Brahmin (Trophy on the wall)

Since there is a coastline in Boston we can also assume that there will be Mirelurks. All the other creatures we know and love/hate  from Fallout 3 should also be returning.

Concept Art: Creatures and Humans

Image Courtesy of onlysp.com

The New Stuff:

Ok first off if there wasn’t enough in this world to eat up hours of very delightful gaming time they have introduced games onto your pip boy. The ones that they show in the video look like the fallout version of old classics that we know and love.

  • Red Menace looks a heck of a lot like the old donkey kong but with a few changes. Namely the creature and the items throughout the game.
  • Atomic Command looks a heck of a lot like space invaders where you have to shoot things out of the sky.

I am curious and am geeking out about how many others they have and what they are like. Along with bobble heads I feel like I am going to be collecting games as well.

Pip Boy Games

Image Courtesy of Polygon.com

50 base weapons with over 700 different modifications!! HECK YES!! This will make those car customization racing games look like child’s play. So much so that every one of your friends can have a whole unique gaming experience with completely different weapons.

Weapon Mods


Image courtesy of gameinformer.com

Another thing that would add to this gaming experience is the build and salvage abilities. Like The Sims meets fallout!! Creation of your own towns, Brahman caravans, power nodes, generators, Multi-Story buildings. I played the first couple Sims (admittedly) and I can definitely see myself spending countless hours with just these two new features. Along with their highlight of the build mode I also saw my old friend the Bobblehead Collector Case. Ah bobble-heads how I need thee.  I’m going to need to build myself more storage space just for my scrap for building and modding weapons and armor. I have a feeling that after each mission I go on I’ll be over encumbered until I reach my house :p. #truestory



Fallout 4 Build

Image courtesy of Ember’s Emphasis

Mobile game: Fallout Shelter:

I do not own an apple device so I am still waiting on this one. I cannot wait to play it because it looks soo awesome! However when I do I will be sure to geek out about it. If you have played it and have made some progress in the game let me know how you like it in the comments . Any tips and tricks would be helpful as well.

Fallout Shelter Mobile Game


Image courtesy of techcrunch.com

The story so far:

You begin the game styling your character which looks like a really awesome freehand sculpting tool with endless possibilities (If you make a replica of someone famous once you start playing please post pics in comments or it didn’t happen)

Fallout 4 husband and wife

Image courtesy of pushsquare.com

You are seeing to your new child (that is made based on the styling at the beginning!! Tres Awesome!!) when an important newscast comes on and your butler bot yells for you to come and see it quick. After which an atomic attack is seen as imminent and you and your family rush out to the vault. Next time you are seen is 200 years in the future when you emerge as the sole survivor of the vault. In the video the gamer then heads back to Sanctuary Hills (Ironic if you think about it) where your home was before the vault to meet your robot butler and find out that you have indeed been away 200 years. He attempts to feed you and the gamer has him walk away ,which you can do now as you have complete freedom in the speech engine as he explains. You find a dog sitting at a gas station who you befriend right away and begin to give commands to. Tons better than fallout 3, my dog never did what I told him and died right away :(. They don’t really go further into any of the story because spoilers. Seems like you are free to decide what you do with the character from here and can follow the story or draw it out for months.

A man and his dog

Image courtesy of BBC.com

I for one have been looking forward to this game for a long time and based on what I have seen it won’t disappoint.  After watching the video please let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to Fallout Four? If you are what are you looking forward to the most? If not how come?


Stay Awesome Everyone!


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