Costumed Musicians Play Batman Vs Superman

We received a message about musicians dressing up, and playing some iconic sounds. I listened in on the YouTube clip, and I was pleasantly smiling.

Musical Medley of Award-winning Themes NEW YORK, NY, “is a musical nerdfest produced by musicians with an unhealthy addiction to animation. Founded in 2011 by Bobbie Lee Crow III, the Fractured Atlas fiscally-sponsored chamber orchestra pays tribute to anime, cartoon, and video games music with a super-special-button-mashing combo of monthly medleys, live concerts, and interactive social events. Our mission is to showcase the highly imaginative works composers have created for highly imaginative worlds. Sweet.” Quoted from their about page on their website.

Batman vs Superman

The ultimate clash begins between the world’s greatest … musicians? iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra releases its newest video Batman vs. Superman: The Animated Medley featuring the main title themes of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League.

The Dark Knight (cello) challenges the Man of Steel (trumpet) to a musical battle, but Wonder Woman (french horn) settles the score with the help of the “Timmverse” Justice League members: Green Lantern (violin/viola), Martian Manhunter (woodwinds), The Flash (percussion), and Hawkgirl (keyboard).

ABOUT ICONIQ THE SOUNDTRACK ORCHESTRA: Proudly confessing their “unhealthy addiction to animation,” iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra ( is a flex-member chamber ensemble who pays tribute to anime, cartoon, or video game soundtracks every month with a newly-arranged medley. The “musical nerdfest’s” coupling of classical virtuosity and geek fandom has caught the ears of fans and industry professionals alike including Child of Light Creative Director Patrick Plourde.



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