Isaac’s Top Ten List of Comedies

Comedies are my pride and joy, I find humour in many things, and movies are definitely no exception.

I will start off stating that this is my own list. My personal opinion of films, that make me chuckle. Disagree? Comment below! It took me longer to figure out the ordering than list itself. The decision came down to fond memories, more on that in each description. The descriptions will be short, as I do not want any spoilers, just why I think these are my top comedies.

10: South Park: Bigger, Louder & Uncut

South ParkYou can’t mention any sort of media today with out it being made fun of by South Park. The show has become renowned for it’s crude, rude, and art filled way of getting points across. So why not make a movie. The movie was my first introduction to the show, as growing up, and in my later years, it was not something I had interest in, nor was allowed to watch. The movie covers so many points that should offend you, but you can not let it. You must laugh, and that is why I put it on my list.

9: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Holy GrailOh Monty. Monty, Monty, Monty. This was the South Park before farting was a comic relief. John Cleese knew this, and defended his comedy style HERE. I fell in love with the comedy stylings of John Cleese when my father introduced me to Fawlty Towers. The sarcasm brought forth with each character, and their interactions with each other make the film have hidden gems from start to finish. Watching it twice, three times, or even ten times over still can not cover every little detail the film brings to comedy.

8: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers Man of Mystery

Often times when you quote comedies, you can easily bring up Austin Powers, baby. Bad teeth, great with the ladies, and knows how to catch the bad guys, even if he is only in it for the shagging. I put this in my list for two reasons, the re-watchability, and the memories. Mike Myers brings to the table constant attempts at making the audience laugh, if that means crude humour, or shock value, he almost always succeeds.

7: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura

ALLLLLLLLrighty then. I can not remember the last time I laughed till I cried, and this is what did it. Jim Carrey brings his best, with never ruined hair, and incredible facial expressions. It is incredible how often you forget that over acting, is sometimes a good thing. And in this case it was great. Jim made the character who he is by simply giving him an incredibly over excited personality. I constantly see references to this film on the internet, and with good cause, it is a good honest laugh out loud movie.

6: Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

I came home from work one day to my room mate all smiles. He said he had a movie for us to watch. Immediately as the movie started I was excited, the style of camera work made it look like it was right out of the seventies. With the burns on the film, and the wrinkles in the corners. The constant obvious attempts to show how poor the quality of work from that times made the movie extra funny. Watching it over five times still does not do it justice as small things still pop up to surprise you. DYNAMITE!

5: Office SpaceOffice Space

When ever you are working, and it is a slow day, you must have a case of the mondays, or if your printer isn’t working, you want to take it out to a field with some deep music as you beet like it just stole your newest comic. Why? Because Office Space has that impression on you of office work. The subtle humour, as well as the story keeps you watching, as this has become a cult classic, just as the Red Swingline Stapler has.

4: Airplane!Airplane

Rated as the funniest movie ever, based on laughs per minute, this film has your sides in a twist from start to finish. The film holds up in time as well, as the comedy is not based on the time period, but based on wit and verbal humour, with a dab of visual. This was the movie my Dad and I would sit down together to watch, because it is a timeless classic it will be what I sit my children down to watch when I want to introduce them to pure honest comedy.

3: Liar Liar

Liar LiarLook how young he looks. Stop reading, and just take that in. Jim Carrey again on my list shows his talent. When I was introduced to this movie I was definitely too young to understand two thirds of the jokes, or the recording in the court room. Going back to watch makes it that much more hilarious as Jim takes his skills to go from in your face sex joke, to serious father trying to win the love back from his ex-wife.

2: Kung PhooeyKung Phooey

I can almost guarantee that 90% of the readers have never heard of this movie. I think that is one of the reasons it makes it near the top of my list. As a spoof of kung fu movies, this takes it to the next level as a backyard film. The amount of puns it has to give, and knowing all the same as it shoves them on your plate would be enough to let a stand up comic have to take a breath.

1: Robin Hood: Men in TightsRobin Hood Men in Tights

I am often asked what my favourite movie is. I find that to be one of the hardest questions as there are so many that could be classified as my favourite. I took the time to think of it more, and came to the conclusion that I have to look at it at another angle. What if I were stuck on an island, with nothing but a TV, and 1 movie without thinking of how I got there or how I am to power these devices. The movie would be on repeat till the day I either find myself getting off the island, or starving to death because I am scared to eat anything on said island. And that would be Robin Hood: Med in Tights. It stands on top because of the amount of times I have watched it with out so much as a yawn of boredom. The acting is brilliant, and the humour is clean (for the most part).

Bonus: The Ring

What is a top ten list without a bonus? 
The RingThe Ring makes it as a bonus because I actually found myself laughing out loud to this film. Why? I do not know. And that is why I bring it along on this list. And no, I was not under the influence of any mind altering substance. I just found the film funny. Really, really stupid funny.


Thank you for reading. Disagree with any? That’s fine, tell me below!


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