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Wes Craven – August 2nd 1939 – August 30th 2015

Raised in a strict baptist house hold, and very well educated (undergraduate degree in English and Psychology with a masters in Philosophy and Writing), Craven was bitten by the film bug while teaching, and got into film making via 70’s porno. From there he grew to the master of horror that we all know and love, and is the singular director that sent me running from, and back to horror.

It Follows (2015) – Review

Hi Jay, I we have your test results back, and I have some bad news for you. Your results show that you have contracted a rare strain of the herpes virus, known as HJC-1, or more recently as ‘It’. Typical symptoms are being pursued by a Michael Myers-esqe specter that will follow you relentlessly, albeit slowly. Here are some pamphlets in regards to the moral implications of passing it on to unwitting sexual partners. Please reach out to your campus student support center if you need any additional assistance.