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Galactica 1980: Super Scouts – Review

Do you know what is cooler than a team of Galactica heroes arriving on Earth who then find themselves chasing a villain through the pages of Earth’s history? If your answer involves a bunch of space children running around throwing…
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Galactica 1980: Galactica Discovers Earth – Review

Glen A Larson’s series Battlestar Galactica only lasted one season – poor ratings and even poorer writing being the main cause of its cancellation – but somehow a letter writing campaign resurrected the show, and this was long before the internet’s…
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Battlestar Galactica: The Gun on Ice Planet Zero – Review

Glen A. Larson and Donald P. Bellisario love movie mash-ups, in the episode The Lost Warrior we got a Shane rip-off with laser guns, but now in The Gun on Ice Planet Zero Larson and Bellisario put the blender on high…
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