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Ready Player One (2018) – Review

Based on Ernest Cline’s best-selling book of the same name Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One could honestly be marketed as Pop Culture References: The Movie, and to be honest if you’ve seen the trailer that shouldn’t be much of a…
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Absolutely Anything (2015) – Review

What would you do if you could do absolutely anything? This is the question writer/director and Monty Python alum Terry Jones posits in his movie Absolutely Anything, but what he really should have asked is, “Do I have anything funny…
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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) – Review

For one who was not a fan of the first Mission Impossible by Brain De Palma (I’ll never forgive him for making Jim Phelps the villain), and less said of John Woo’s attempt the better, but I’ve really enjoyed these…
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