Doctor Who “The Zygon Inversion” Synopsis and Rating. ‘SPOILERS’

Good Day Everyone, today I am writing a review/synopsis on Doctor Who Season 9 episode 7 “The Zygon Inversion” Caution! ‘Spoilers

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I know I missed the episode synopsis of “The Woman Who Lived.”  Many apologies as Halloween was quite hectic. I don’t really have much to say in regards to that episode other than that I am excited that there is another immortal in the mix and am looking forward to see what is coming.

It should go without saying as this is a synopsis that there are spoilers ahead; but as I am required to put it in “Spoiler Warning.”

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This episode is the conclusion of the conflict that began with the Zygons in the last episode “The Zygon Invasion.”

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In this episode and the last I loved that Jenna Coleman got a chance to show her acting chops playing both the zygon Bonnie and Clara.

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With that said, the episode begins with the evil Clara (Bonnie) shooting down the Doctor and Osgood in the plane. In the news this caused quite a stir, must have been a slow news day. Not sure why its a story that is as make believe as you can get with time lords, space, time, aliens etc. it is not meant to make people think they can go around shooting down passenger planes. I could rant on about how lame this was but I won’t.

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After being shot down we discover that the Doctor and Osgood survived the rocket strike from Bonnie. As an aside I like that they named her Bonnie, it kinda rolls off the tongue evily just like missy does. The Doctor then calls Bonnie, clearly knowing that she has a psychic link with the trapped Clara. He gains information from the original Clara by clever means (as he is known for).

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Meanwhile Bonnie, Accompanied by two Zygon guards head to the black archives underneath the tower of London. I almost started geeking out when I saw the two boxes and the table that they were set on in a certain room that is very familiar to us from season 7.

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The two boxes are a choice and meant to be the ultimate resolution of the conflict in either direction. I figured that there was more to this due to the room. I was right, however I will get to that.

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Once the Doctor arrives on the scene and the conflict has seemed to come to an abrupt head, with a mutual understanding being the last thing one would expect to happen (edge of your seat time). Then the Doctor gives the biggest and most impassioned speech I have ever heard from any of the Doctors thus far in this new series. I’m almost tempted to make it my profile picture.

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This is when the conflict ends on the positive note we always want at the end of a Doctor Who episode. The thing that got me was when the Doctor corrected Clara with five months. Once he was in that room no one was leaving until the conflict was resolved. That plus the time Clara was in the pod equaled 5 months, interesting how time is all relative when it comes to the Doctor (and TV shows). All in all I give this episode a 7.5 out of 10. If you would have rated it differently or want to comment on anything you saw in last weeks episode please feel free to comment below.


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