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Llana of Gathol: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

Llana of Gathol is the tenth and penultimate book in the Barsoom series and consists of four connected stories; “The Ancient Dead” (originally “The City of Mummies“), “The Black Pirates of Barsoom,” “Escape on Mars” (originally “Yellow Men of Mars”),…
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The Iron Giant: From Book to Screen

Over the years Brad Bird has become one of the more respected directors in the field of animation, even doing decent work in live action with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Tomorrowland, but once upon a time, long before all…
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Synthetic Men of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

There have been many versions of the “Beauty and the Beast” story since French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve published her book back in 1740, and in 1939 Edgar Rice Burroughs put his own spin on the tale, but he…
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Swords of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

Welcome back John Carter! With the eighth book in the Barsoom series the narrative switches back to the character who started it all; released in 1936, in the pages of Blue Book, this six part serial was the first time…
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A Fighting Man of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

The only thing possibly more dangerous than love at first sight is walking through a palace garden on Mars. In this seventh book in the Martian Tales by Burroughs, first released in the pages of Blue Book Magazine in 1930,…
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Christine: From Book to Screen

Man’s love affair with the automobile has been well documented, George Lucas’ American Graffiti is practically a love letter to the American automobile, but there is also the dark side, the obsession that can push one over the brink and…
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‘Salem’s Lot: From Book to Screen

When it comes to movie adaptations I think only William Shakespeare has had more cinematic translations than author Stephen King, but unfortunately King also holds the record for the amount of terrible adaptation of his works.

The Master Mind of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

The Martian tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs can almost be considered an anthology series by this point; in the first few books we followed the adventures of Earthman John Carter as he explored this new world while falling in love…
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The Chessmen of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

“Congratulations John Carter, it’s a girl!” In the fifth Barsoom novel we are introduced to another Princess of Mars in the form of Tara of Helium, daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, and a girl voted most likely to…
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Thuvia, Maid of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

Winning ones true love is a difficult thing, if you find yourself in a story written by Edgar Rice Burroughs it’s about four times as hard. In the fourth of the Barsoom books Burroughs sets aside the heroic John Carter…
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