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Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan (2001-2003) – Review

With the success of their 1999 animated feature Tarzan it’s no surprise that the House of Mouse would bring the Ape Man to television as part of their Disney’s One Saturday Morning lineup, but what was a little surprising is…
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Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle is the 11th book in the series, released in serialized form in Blue Book Magazine from December 1927 through May 1928, but due to it’s subject matter could have been titled “Tarzan and the Connecticut…
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Tarzan and the Golden Lion: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

This ninth book in the Tarzan series was first published in serialized form in the pages of Argosy All-Story Weekly (1922-1923) and follows the adventures that took place in Tarzan the Terrible, dealing with the rescue of Jane and Tarzan’s…
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