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Tarzan and Friends: The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs, a man who quit the pencil-sharpener wholesale business to give writing a stab, is most known for his creation of Tarzan of the Apes, but that jungle swinging pulp hero was just the tip of the iceberg…
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John Carter of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

John Carter of Mars is the eleventh and final book in the Barsoom series and collects the two stories titled “John Carter and the Giant of Mars,” published in 1941 within the pages of Amazing Stories, and “The Skeleton Men…
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The Warlord of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

To paraphrase Mario Bros “Thank you John Carter! But our Princess is in another castle!” That line pretty much sums up the plot for this final installment in the opening trilogy of the Barsoom series.

Tarzan and the Foreign Legion: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

Tarzan is no novice when it comes to war, in Tarzan the Untamed he mowed down countless Germans during WWI, but in Tarzan and the Foreign Legion we get a book that feels like more a military adventure story than…
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Tarzan and the Ant Men: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Ant Men is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the Burroughs Tarzan books with the author’s vivid imagination and creativity going on full thrusters, but I myself find some of the books societal implications a…
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Tarzan and the Golden Lion: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

This ninth book in the Tarzan series was first published in serialized form in the pages of Argosy All-Story Weekly (1922-1923) and follows the adventures that took place in Tarzan the Terrible, dealing with the rescue of Jane and Tarzan’s…
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Tarzan the Terrible: Edgar Rice Burroughs – Book Review

This direct sequel to Tarzan the Untamed was first published as a serial in the pulp magazine Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1921 and continues Tarzan’s adventures against Germany and his hunt for Jane.