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At the Earth’s Core: Book vs Movie

If ever there was to be a king of lost cities or lost civilizations that king would be Edgar Rice Burroughs; Tarzan couldn’t swing fifteen feet through the jungles of Africa without running into some ancient lost city or another,…
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The People That Time Forgot: Book vs Movie

Nestled inside the world’s largest volcanic crater is the land of Caspak. Its jungles teaming with countless varieties of prehistoric life, and it is in this terror-fuelled land that adventurer Tom Billings must look to find his lost friend, Bowen…
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The Land That Time Forgot: Book vs Movie

Dinosaurs’ still roaming the earth today is a fantasy element to be found in stories dating from as far back as 1912s The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the upcoming Jurassic World and our love of those…
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