Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (1978-1979) – Reviews

It may have only ran one season but Glen A. Larson’s sprawling saga of a ragtag fleet of ships fleeing genocide was must see TV back in the 70s. I had my Battlestar Galactica lunch pail and a toy chest full of action figures and space ships, and my friends and I would have heated arguments on who would win in a fight Starbuck or Han Solo. (I hadn’t got around to watching Star Trek yet so Kirk wasn’t in the running) Sure the show was immensely derivative of Star Wars only with a Mormon slant, but that didn’t stop it from being fun escapist fare. Unfortunately being an insanely expensive show, and with a producer who should have left more of the writing to others, the show was not built to last. Below you will find links to my reviews of the adventures of Commander Adama, Apollo and Starbuck as they look, “For a shining planet known as Earth.

Saga of the Star WorldSaga of a Star World

In the series’s pilot “Saga of a Star World” the evil race of Cylons attempt to wipe out humanity, but a ragtag group of ships flee across space in the hopes of finding a new home.

Lost Planet of the GodsLost Planet of the Gods

In “Lost Planet of the Gods” fleeing from the Cylons forces humanities’ last hope seeks for clues to the location of the 13th Colony.

The Lost WarriorThe Lost Warrior

In “The Lost Warrior” Apollo crash lands on a planet that resembles the American Old West and will have face down Red-Eye, a Cylon gunslinger on the payroll of a local thug.

The Long PatrolThe Long Patrol

In “The Long Patrol” Starbuck gets lost on a patrol…again, and finds a group of Space Irish who make booze from their prison cells.

Battle on Ice Planet ZeroThe Gun on Ice Planet Zero

In “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero” a team of commandos from the Galactica must take on a deadly pulsar cannon before it can destroy their fleet as it passes Ice Planet Zero.

The Magnifcent WarriorsThe Magnificent Warriors

In “The Magnificent Warriors” with the fleet’s agro ships destroyed or damaged our heroes must find new seeds, and the closest place is a human settlement that is beleaguered by orc like pigmen.

The Young LordsThe Young Lords

In “The Young Lords” Starbuck crash lands on medieval world that has been conquered by the Cylons, and his only hope rests in the hand of a group of renegade children warriors.

The Living LegendThe Living Legend

In “The Living Legend” the Galactica, while suffering from fuel shortages, finds the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, led by the legendary Commander Cain.

Fire in SpaceFire in Space

In “Fire in Space” a Cylon kamikaze attack leaves the Galactica a raging inferno as our heroes struggle to survive.

War of the GodsWar of the Gods

In “War of the Gods” the crew of the Galactica find themselves caught between the forces of good and evil when they encounter a mysterious stranger on a desolate world.

The Man With Nine LivesThe Man With Nine Lives

In “The Man With Nine Lives” Hollywood legend Fred Astaire appears as Chameleon, a man who just may be Starbuck’s long lost father.

Murder on the Rising StarMurder on the Rising Star

In “Murder on the Rising Star” Starbuck is accused of murder and Apollo has ten hours to prove him innocent.

Greetings From EarthGreetings From Earth

In “Greetings From Earth” the Galactica encounters a strange ship that may be from Earth, but must first deal with moral qualms and Space Nazis before they are through.

Baltar's EscapeBaltar’s Escape

In “Baltar’s Escape” Baltar, the Borellian Nomen, and the evil Eastern Alliance stage a prison break that threatens the peace on the Galactica.

Experiment in TerraExperiment in Terra

In “Experiment in Terra”  Apollo takes a “Quantum Leap” to the planet Terra in the hopes of stopping the Space Nazis from starting a global thermonuclear war.

Take the CelestraTake the Celestra:

In “Take the Celestra” Starbuck’s deadliest enemy turns out to be the girl he once loved as our heroes face off against the dangers of space mutiny.

The Hand of GodThe Hand of God

In “The Hand of God,” this last episode of the series, the Galactica goes toe to toe with a Cylon basestar while Apollo tries to determine where a strange signal has come from.

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