Red Eye (2005) – Review

Red EyeThis film is what you get when you have two very talented actors in service of a really bad script. Director Wes Craven starts the movie in a quite promising way, giving us time get to know our two leads with only a little heavy handed foreshadowing. In the opening shot of the film the camera pans along a desk topped with photos of our heroine Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) and in one of these photos she is playing field hockey…so take a guess at what item she gets her hands on to fight the bad guy for the films climax.The major problem with the film is the plot that the villains have concocted would be so easily thwarted by our heroine if she had used any common sense at all. And she is supposed to be some uber-hotel manager so you’d think she’d be able to think fairly fast on her feet.

The basic story is that Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) is taking the red-flight back to Miami after going to her grandmother’s funeral. She runs into charming fellow traveler Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy), and they seem to keep randomly bumping into each other, until the point where the find themselves sitting next to each other on the plane. Of course these meetings are anything but coincidental as Jackson quickly reveals to her that he is some globetrotting killer for hire, and he needs her help. Apparently the Deputy Director of Homeland Security is going to be staying at the hotel where she is manager, and they need her to make a call and have his room changed so his people can have better access to kill him. He then tells her that there is a man sitting in a silver BMW outside her fathers home, and if she doesn’t do as she is told he will call the man in the BMW who will then kill her father. This is where the films plot completely falls apart under this absurd premise. Jackson is unarmed and onboard a plane at 30,000 feet with only a phone to contact his associates, which leads us to the question, “WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!” Instead she tries to leave a note in another passengers book, and in one the most over used movie clichés she writes a note on the bathroom mirror (all of which are discovered and thwarted of course). I lost count of the opportunities this dumb woman had to just run for help. Instead of going to the washroom why didn’t she just keeping on going ahead to the cockpit, or to the stewardess station and inform them about this dangerous man, and find out if there was an air marshal on board. No matter how crazy you seem they will certainly hear you out, and one phone call would confirm that the Deputy Director is staying at the hotel she manages. Then all they would have to do is subdue Jackson and send the cops over to her fathers place to arrest the guy in the BMW, which Jackson was so kind enough to describe to her. End of movie.
Instead we are treated to her running around being chased and fighting off
Jackson in some of the most tedious action sequences ever put to film. They even go so far as to have her fleeing through the airport, getting a car, and driving all the way to her dad’s house with out once thinking of contacting the police or airport security. Sure they make some deal about the cellphone she has is low on batteries, but that she hides from the airport police makes no sense at all.

My advice to you is don’t even bother to rent this one, it’s ninety minutes of filler trying to pretend to be a thriller. Red Eye

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